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Our Wonderful Team


Our Wonderful Team

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ERIC KOFI SAM, Chief Executive Officer

Eric Kofi Sam, an MBA holder from the Australia Institute of Business, possesses over 16 years of executive-level experience, specializing in business strategy, organizational development, entrepreneurship, and talent management. He has had a significant tenure with the Church of Pentecost.

Passionate about work-life balance, Eric showcase his commitment to personal and professional well-being. A globetrotter, he has built strong connections in the hospitality industry through his extensive travels.

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RHODA BINEY SAM, General Manager

Rhoda Biney Sam, our GM, seamlessly fuses expertise with outstanding hospitality skills at Erpreben. A dedicated professional, her commitment and strong work ethic enrich our culture. Rhoda's blend of compassion and professionalism ensures elevated service standards, contributing significantly to our upward trajectory in delivering excellence to our clients.

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LORDINA KWARTENG, Human Resource Manager

Our Human Resource Manager, Lordina Kwarteng, seamlessly blends academic prowess with practical insights to navigate the dynamic HR landscape.

Her exceptional interpersonal skills elevate our practices, aligning with our ethos of delivering unparalleled service. As a pivotal figure, her dedication and knowledge guide our team to continued success in human resources.

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GLORIA ADDO, Snr. Marketing Officer

Our stellar Senior Marketing Officer, Gloria Addo, is dedicated to excellence, with her TOUGHA certification underscoring her commitment to professional growth. Her dynamic blend of theoretical prowess and hands-on training in the travel industry amplifies our brand visibility.

As our strategic maven, she propels us to new heights, crafting and executing innovative strategies defining our path to success.

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Our Marketing Officer, Abigail Adow, effortlessly transforms dreams into reality at our Travel and Tour company. With a passion for wanderlust, Abigail embodies marketing excellence.

Her strategic brilliance and innovative campaigns have elevated us to the preferred choice for unforgettable adventures. A visionary marketer, she navigates the world of travel with finesse, leaving an indelible mark on our clients' hearts and souls.

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